March 10, 2012

poem 74 of a poem a day for 2012 ( for my daughter and her very old soul )

radiance trees

corpuscle chronicler
muscle monocle
light ended tunnel
why Hope stayed behind
wiped Pandora's tears
daughter covens 
of Electra and Antigone 
come here to breathe Love
to breed the beauty 
of uncertainty 
that leaves fate 
a choice to make 
when we rake 
fingers in the sands
stardust commands
no clans or bands 
striking a chord
like thunderbolts 
in sown discord
we plant our seeds 
to bleed ourselves 
free of walls
every tower fall 
that happens upon me 
is for a reason
for another season 
of my life to turn
wet clay again
in the gravity spins 
we celebrate as birthdays
or those sticker days 
on the calendar 
from across the room

EJR (c)

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