March 8, 2012

poem 73 of a poem a day for 2012

bareback ridden in

I watch you bend 
to mount me
as I caress a handle
holding your mantle  
of chaliced marrow
I thirst to a bursting as
I drive and lean in again 

the bones 
of midnight 
call a crawl
outside your 
window pane
glass against 
falling in the rain
I know the parade wane
of sounds will linger here
in the rumpled silhouettes
of how my wanting teems  
with every reason that 
no longer needs anything
but this desire to light my way
with every sweet wrap of how
you fit into each part of me
discovering more of you
in each turn of night 
we spilled towards the day 
pretending we were sleeping

EJR (c)

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