March 4, 2012

poem 64 of a poem a day for 2012

words don't matter 

when silence nears 
the filling Moon
watches the stars spill 
dreams in their dying light 
out the window 

she moves time
over me,takes 
what she wants
takes more
looks at me
knows I am undertow 
and she's off again

between her 
muffled invocations 
and my moans
meaning doesn't fit
what I may say
pouring myself 
in her tides

her pulling me 
along the undulation
along the wheel 
turning herself over
I bend forward
towards how 
she buckles 
and backs into me
each time I remember 
where I am at 
and say a prayer 
tilling the line
where her divine
wears me 
holding her hips 
as she holds
each portal 
passage in
each way 
I want to sin
here where
words don't matter
when I spill 
every part 
of me
into her

EJR (c)

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