March 3, 2012

poem 63 of a poem a day for 2012

the murmur of simmer

between what's breathable
between those membranes
between our thoughts
between our exhales
what goes into a surrender
what draws down drowning
to enter the wind
and slow time's carving in
where clocks begin
 wearing each of us 
thinning each of us
 ever closer to 
not having
we must do

when we give
skin to skin
soul to soul
one whole
one orbit
one love
 one moment
we never
get lost
outside of
and become ghosts
become mechanical
become as I did
not able
to pause
the run
wordless rhythms
 and do they like me
for me to be free
or something else 
just like that
that they don't
have the words
for yet
or so I think 
am I just 
palm fit flat
for a will 
or won't they

just ride me
and forth
cross tide 
my sin 
just right 
finger-comb me
past where all
the Gods names
get called again
and again into
the darks of why
we let go in here
leaping into
where everything
is what we want
and the truth
sounds the same
from head down 
low to legs 
up high
where no wings
are needed
on this
flight inside
each of our gifts
each muffled groan
each moan
each kiss
each koan
each blood stone 
each marker
for every 
rabbit hole
we knew 
to smell 
for what
the eyes forgot
along the way

EJR (c)

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  1. thinning each of us winning each of us grinning at me you him her them it why if you could understand it there was nothing there if you could not there was no profit only imagination