February 28, 2012

poem 60 of a poem a day for 2012 (the leap poem)

here,at the ritual of nourish alchemy

leap the fire
the divide
the abyss
don't miss 
the jewels 
a crow caw's 
creep towards 
what mocks us first 
then makes its sound
plays the numbers 
that secures
the hollow carves 
that hold 
the painted canvas 
of our immediacy 

we secret our meaning 
rune-letter our maps 
to our own vined 
divine ripening
each algorithm 
of our soul to soul needs
explode,when we choose 
past the safety of knowing
a subscripted life 
is a serial plan 
of slow increments
by distant mail
a drop by drip
hail of the taxis
of our humanity's
absolute death
by the filament thin
desiccations of denial
of ourselves

glory and salvation 
is for those that listen
past the glisten of get ahead
at someone else's expense
infinity's rainbow
is waiting to till 
what fertile loams 
our freewill wades into 
when the undertow 
currents of bent time  
change us to immutable
when we do 
what we love  
harming none
without pause 
or reservation 
to be
a free us
you see
this is how
spun gold

we know through 
the modes of every 
entrance of bones
that all our deep parts
we had never expected 
anyone to care for
or to look after to
let alone want us 
to share with them
was something we covered in
dust for far too long
discovery provides 
the dried tinder torches 
Prometheus' children 
carry near the sea

this is why we wear
our collected skins to enter 
a timelessness here
the faster further farther here
exhale release again repeat here
watch the curve of the sea here
linger in undone here
takes notes
silk wrap a bouquet here
smell your way back to
remembering the ancients 
in the temples here
know the rhythm portals
of our heaved chests here
rib-caging each hip-arching 
nautilus tided pool
of what love ought
to be made of 

EJR (c)

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