February 27, 2012

poem 59 of a poem a day for 2012

spilling into you

my tap roots knew
to mine the wind of flimsy
without regard to hold fast
past the melting point
of wet sand into glass
and if I am ever
to come to know
that all I'll see
of what I show myself
to be born with is
an immensity of love
why not then
give myself away
in surrender
to the Goddess
each and every day
all the mortal will
of my molecular thin desires
tears flesh from my wires
bone-cages my fires
that rage storms to calms
for quenched palms dug
in crawled thirst for you

EJR (c)


  1. this poet and calendar counting don't always mix...2nd #58 was supposed to be #59...such are the beauties of life that keep me humble...

  2. Gorgeous poem Eddie. I love the imagery of your molecular thin desires. Lovely.