January 5, 2012

poem 5 of a poem a day for 2012 (with an unseen nudge from @dgdreamin and @SMAPoetry on Twitter)

Winter seeds

I knew as
we sat here angled
in our angel-ed
geometry worthy
of cause
sharpened claws
and duct tape shine
finding a fine line in
how right you were
even though I razed
your defenses
and raised my fences
to find your soft spots
more frequently
than before
to store all
the kill shots home


each of your
little cuts away
from me to save
was further
than the last
you had to fast
on your bones
blood and directions


we are now
past salutations
in our fields
of quiet anticipations
for something else
we know the volleys
that are under foot
each black lung
of head turning
away from when
we married
promises to the dark
says a fuck you
in our silences


I knew
too soot
or regret
can sometimes
get coughed bets of
glass-hardened hearts
lost,cracking the expenses
of a soul that prices
comfort for coal

  EJR (c)


  1. This is amazing, one of my favorites of yours. Well done as usual.