January 23, 2012

poem 24 of a poem a day for 2012 ( Year of the Dragon/New Moon double early edition )

the weave of a skull's sorrow  

a radiator is knock-pinging
singing in steamed lands
of coiled metal
as pans of water
sit atop them
to slow the fade down
to slow the desiccation
of what flesh crowns
in the dry mummified air
of our Winters

savaging its digs,
time wraps
more slowly here
in the hissing steps
of exit music
garlanding the high
and low notes
its fingers
in a race
along our bone
thinned edges
each time we fill
our glasses
with copious amounts
of what we are
emptying of

nothing is ever lost
in these tides
in these rides that
wait,washing up to be found
seaweed for hair again

water mirrors in heart beats
what blood's gold streets
know to fine-tooth comb
nearer the pours of joys and pain
that bare-foot and open-mouth the rain
to get inside the skeletal key
to get inside where
you became you
and I became me

EJR (c)

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