April 3, 2011

napowrimo # 3

A buddhist easter would still be an occasion to over-charge us for chocolate

life without suffering might be a nice change of pace for humanity on the verge of a planet-wide nervous breakdown and there is no longer a shoulder on the fast lane because another lane was needed to fit the greedy desire with manageable means to escape to somewhere anywhere but where we are ,where all the roads are circular and lead to the ocean, where the tides speak without words of devotion breathing the choked blue sky in like water ,twisted ribbons maypoles gibboned with these insisted daughters of eve waiting for the animals to return under the guise of the purity of moonlight turning through the trees and me on my knees begging with pleas because forgiveness is a flower like me waiting on the bloom, waiting for an ancient loom to finish this grand weave between this moment and the next retrieved

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