August 9, 2017

what happened to the anthrax scientist when sean spicer stole a refrigerator ... aka why the child in us seeks comfort instead of burying its head to wait out a nightmare

photo by Fausto Podavini ©

could they kill with a 45
and cause then another perfect storm
of incessant security need ...

would all this play out while
obfuscating the criminality
that led to a red handed
clown faced posse of robbers
getting into and accessing
all the halls of power
have to offer ... 

and there are legions
of their bandwagoneers
from sown apathy farms
civic small mindedness
giving blameology lessons
as what constitutes blessings
harvested from fields

of dissonance
and white noise ... 

they have many reapers
who are inclined to steal
that isn't nailed down

and it matters not 
whether we see them 
for they will steal 
a baby's breath 
to cheat death 
for their ideals ...

so we must fight
for ourselves
our family
and our next meal
the right to live
where Love does too
till to seed to flower
then fruited tree
and not just when
the cameras are on
perfect faces painted
told this is
the cost now
of being a
happy and free

soul ...



  1. I especially like the title and the second stanza.

    1. I should know better than to read the news ... but like a moth ...

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