July 24, 2017

La futura poesia di Eden

the ceremony begins

tapping staves 
taut animal skin sounds
palms down we were left 
to our quiet devise-mints  
we were sounds 
we were what nature 
refused to make 
a shining example of ...

we were found festering afoot 
branded by the trees 
with passing fleet remarks 
root cause ago slicken-ed spitball sent 
these wounds stuck with you, 
hardwood horse collar 
germ and project tile subtle 
until eventually they became 
part of the body simple 
you don't realize a design's perfection often until 
death begins to haunt generation 
after generation of thoughts 
like children bled 
away into quiet adulthood 
pied piper-ed 
we are wanting 
to embrace right now 
cow sacred to plant derived 
hive minded grace 
are we the virus the hybridized 
do we realize 
in time 
to emit 
we must sit 
with ourselves 
as part of something 
greater than our most fantastic alone 

the briar patch 
was 3D printed 
from recycled computer parts 
pools of mercury 
formed these pretty 
to look at stay far away from lakes 
we imagined forests 
we imagined farms 
we imagined rivers 
we imagined oceans 
we imagined animals 
we imagined weather 
and seasons and reasons 
why, why stays with 
a seeking soul 
red pill rabbit hole 
we owe explanations 
the self 
the poem 
a good heart 
and its home 


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