May 26, 2017

every landscape, full of cannibal temples

(magic eye the whole ten penny alley way, give out black light fuzzy recipe cards ...)

they said they kept the severed heads 
for when they go kiting the underworlds 
they kneaded what felt sacred 
what would keep them safe from harm 
marking each day, counting 
the passing irregular seasons 
after dark matter plumes stole time away ... 

what the unseen 
a planet changing 
reality for them 
new temples 
being born 
visitors slowly  
angler fish wondered 
awed and attracted 
to the magnetic resonances  
of their worship 

this is
what had sustained them 
consecrated with why 
they said they needed flesh 
and taken by guerrilla guile  
it was so written 
so they could remember 
quickened & nourished 
feeding pulse song and surprise 
eyes long ago sent 
pining for the nose 
knowing what they had 
looked like before 
their humanity died ...


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  1. How are you Edward? Let's write again soon...