April 9, 2017

will you dare yourself .......................................... NaPoWriMo2017 #9

I am clay-mation emotions, careful coordination(s) 
poem is fury unchecked, chaos unfurling(s) 
I am playing with my insidious  
poem is hidden inside a maelstrom of pretty lies 

we are truth standing for Love 
we wade mists of morning 
Spring echoes 
bullfrogs and wood ducks 
hungry still for more 

light bearers seduce 
away anger into giggles  
they often turn swords 
into soap bubbles 
and ride wind to Sun 

poem is Daedalus 
and I, Icarus again 
we know why rain 
is the outsider wish of peace 
why fear backs into a breath 

poem and I are we 
and we breathe 
the blue in like water 
we seek daughters 
of Lilith and Eve 
we fight for womb 
and reprieve 
we do receive Love 
while gardening 
in long sleeves 

we do know why 
the needs of children 
have to come first  
we do surrender 
wellspring blood 
boil, toil and loyal 
to working the moment 
for compassion 

we are the things 
that steal into us 
like a lone bird 
on a wire, singing to us 
at the gloaming hour 
that path leads 
to a selfless thee 
eventually, when 
we let go 
of all we used 
to know ...



  1. OH, I was happy to see you appear on my reading list, I just had to come over to read one of my favorite poets.

    How are you Edward?

    1. energizing my soul to feed those who may not realize what they feel is that they are hungry for the un-quantifiable Love their core being is blessed with ... on the practical side I am well ... really enjoying the comfort of rural living ... settling in for a sojourn stay in the Midwest, where the DesMoines meets the Mississippi ... oh and readying my big pot of soup for the sheeple when they begin to awaken en masse :) ... damn even my responses are poems, tomes, homes I used to live in now fading like the polaroids from highschool days I have stored somewhere ... brightest blessing Tess ... <3 Love and Light

    2. hungry for love and maybe warm soup for the soul. when the lost awaken to feast on words, biting into syllables, savoring a vowel and perhaps releasing 3 giant Ohm, ohm, ooooohhmmm...a spiritual mantra to expand the diaphragm of consciousness,

      I like where you take me Edward, it is always an unexpected journey, travel light my friend.

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