April 7, 2017

toggle stick destinies ....................................................... NaPoWriMo2017 #7

where would we go post our poems 
now that apocalypse is all the rage 
dystopian randiness is 
the handy toolset of slow groomed 
I don't give a fuck ...

and this has all come to fruition 
with opposite or anti intuition 
and the movie we're set in 
might as well be called 'it's forever the 1980's'
as the 'Night of The Comet' was 
already taken by a campy morality play 
about turning folks 
into anger zombies 
after they were exposed 
to a passing celestial event 
becoming piles of red dust and salt 

Lot's wife cried there will be great floods 
and more fires are coming 
humanity will have been softened by indulgence 
and shallow emotion-ality by the time 
you realize now has passed again 
myself I've included in this fun-house-d bliss
occluded eluded perspective the elective 
is in ignoring pain to be free to gain some sense 
of it all but I as I suspect we, fall anyways every way 
and say that it is not our fault ...

who am I kidding  though 
I was a skidding before show business 
was believing in being on a vogue train 
so here I am another son of sam 
bitching 'bout itches and riches flam 
talking to my dog blaming demons again 

when we went about 
and through 
that out door 
never once did I recall 
how much Love left 
both of us 
without a way 
back in 

divide and conquer, swell the coffers ... 
heavy metal accretion on 
chromosomes meant to fight illness turned into  
death squads disguised as pollyannas ... 
and nary a phone booth left here 
or across the pond ... soup or man ... 
eat the young and the old, do what you're told 
and go to church on any holy day 
you can make a contribution in blood, 
bones and those articulation 
of excuses we seem to have for a life ...

outside there are black helicopters swoosh buzzing over 
the mountains of war monkey savior-ing 

I like my cheese curds fried with hot sauce, don't you?
raw ready meat ground 
worm food and let's go 
anti christian anti jewish anti muslim anti human 
anti atheist anti pagan anti ancient anti future anti oasis
anti past anti present anti love anti gravity anti reality anti pop songs 
choral jockeys and sewn doll nymphettes with good dance moves 
have cgi enhanced body parts meant to make us jealous 
with a lingering feeling of not quite good enough 
for tv so you better get a vocation before you attempt to breed 
with your plastic lover reflection of self in paper doll remarks  ...
hew haw and the love boat were secret message couriers 
they rode radio waves along low slung highways 
of guide wired pulpit pleasers with greasy well combed hair 
outside the stain of glass housing there was 
quasi crystal propulsion systemic analysis 
in the chemtrail-microwave convenience stoner munchie justice
well, as the old folk canons go 
the white zone is for the viral load out 
and while it shouldn't kill too many 
we'll have a clean genetic stock 
and less mouths to feed when completed ...
now it's boots on and into the Earth 
we'll learn, finding bloody stool and rains 
is the new normal, I eat glass don't you?


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