April 5, 2017

fairly leeward: wind, a great story teller with timeless teeth in rain ............... NaPoWriMo2017 #5

it seems, in each and every 
version of this story
the children were slain 
crawling into their nearly dead mothers' arms 
snickering faceless soldiers were heard saying 
if you incapacitate but not kill the women 
the children will come and we can finish off 
the breeders and the next generation 

most of us in the Western world 
and America especially, have no idea 
how conditions 
created by the war industry 
force humanity to its knees 
we now have pollster clown politics 
and nary a thought of reading 
much past what the fuck can you do for me ...

Aleppo still burns and we have no clue what to do 
other than to try to understand in our last breaths 
are we cultivated fungi 
are we to be fed shit 
and remain in the dark ...

in between the
dreams we taped to trees 
we waited for the insects 

I met a four and five, they said,
 eventually you will become 
nesting dolls giving up form 
to be or not to be 
and at that point 
you will be cast 
as a figure head macabre 
lacking or packing  
a probability poisoned 
by your handlers, that is 
if they cannot properly groom 
a marksman patsy in time ... 

(cue the William Tell overture here)

meanwhile, we will probably continue to surmise 
without reading and most importantly, listening 
to what is around us I am stocking up on 
nickel ferrite hats to combat the transmissions of evil 
and just in case 
also solar generators 
when the shit hits the fan 
to run my record players ...

rake pews fake views faux lining velvet tells it 
as an I Love You to end every poem ...

and you the reader will go on 
seeking dreams any way you can 
because let's face it 
being more than human 
requires a whole lot 
of crawling on all fours 
and a tendency to lean 
into a lonely elan 
while in the pause after reading 
a poem may not quite understand
but had enjoyed the ride 
none the less ...


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