April 1, 2017

Cyndi Lauper's bramble-d head garb helps souls cross over ................................. #NaPoWriMo2017

painting by Lisa Yuskavage ©

hipsters is not a derogatory term 
it means Love left you 
a long enough time ago 
that you needed to know to be slow 
because every world sped past you 
fast enough to fuck yourself, a mother 
and take yourself, a father to the zoo

beets put under the eyelids 
make most cry blood 
I heard herds of zombie humans 
were where werewolf materialists dressed 
and paraded from ghost forests 
like deciduous leaves becoming 
flowing social fucking lepers 
and all you had to do 
was take away their micro-brew  
tell them their princely whiskeys 
are pauper pisses and demand 
they tie rubber bands 
in their beards before they enter 
an abode and to make sure 
they call themselves 
Captain Lou Albano 
to say out loud 
that they are often imitated 
but never duplicated 
because, being so unusual 
isn't so unusual anymore ...


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