April 16, 2017

as storms of Easter approach, we ask Her to Bless Us ............................................. NaPoWriMo2017 #16

every ritual has a fuzzy motoring inside a kind of Spring evening that unfurls You 
ingénue and knave in dew and pollen velvet-whispers sent, lent between things unseen 
and believed retrieving every cellular divinity key we could find with honest pleas ...

we belly crawled the Northwest door, pine needles sticking to our skin 
we went in the sacred womb circle and watched the lightning in the distance 
it beckoned and bellowed us further into why imbalance tempests time 
we were hermetic hierophantic siphon thieves, we were responsible archers 
far from farthing frantic frolicked pan licked  
we were near sweet babies on wings
we grew slews of new tissues 
covered all our flesh, each and every Life 
we were lyn lifshin raw and ready 
each throne of bones taking hold of our souls  
we dirty palmed our intentions, we mentioned being 
bent shunning nothing(s), we were fluffing our organs 
listening for our reflections, within a ring of cedar trees 
we were pumping seasons, rode seed kites, cycling bold 
we smoothly tightened folded afterglows into our blood ...

all of which 
we gave willingly 
with Love 
knowing nothing 
defining even less 



  1. This makes me think of the Pan threesome in Jitterbug. :)

    "ingénue and knave in dew and pollen velvet-whispers sent, lent between things unseen"

  2. "we were hermetic hierophantic siphon thieves"

    Love this aloud.

  3. "we were near sweet babies"

    Crazy over that. :)

  4. "we dirty palmed our intentions"


  5. "we were fluffing our organs"

    Ha. You crack me up. :)