April 11, 2017

and now for something to give us visions ................................. aka what prompting does is direct the moving pictures ..................... NaPoWriMo2017 #11

belladonna and little laughing jim
are you taking chances in the rain 
do you explain to the mirror 
a soul is why bones glow with Life 
and that you respond to destruction with Love
 give me a chance to plant seeds 
the future bleeds with hope 
desperation falls away, tumbled 
and prattle-d footsteps 
fill forests, after the rain

 for how does one presume 
to be or not to be 
for whom the bell tolls ... 

poets are now the snipers 
and foot soldiers 
for the bringers of light 
they are rhymes tied up

 there is no protest 
politics is dead end streets 
you have all been co-opted 
as tool-y implements of the slow death 
soul, the last singer

 volleys, bullets & short poems 
where are the folk singers 
April asks w/diamond eyes 
& forsythia yellow tongues 
red gongs 
fades to black

and how eye admired the Richard Pryor hair treatments 
running down the street my mane ablaze with onlookers scurrying away 
as if I carried the pus from plagues, well let me tell you again 
and again I eat poison, sin for you religious types 
and I have never been so gorged in all of my lives 

they never ask at the end of the movie 
what questions the hero's soul was confounded by 
what quest the hero was to endure 
in order to recover the chaos 
of a beating heart 
when in Love 
all they want is more Life
and the happy ending 
a way to salve 
their own handy suffering 
in a disposable time frame 
something pocket sized
and easily memento-ized 

though on occasion 
a voice will rise 
and ask me from left field 
are you okay Edward 
and all I ever do is laugh 
and share that I enjoy 
connecting with you through 
old Ma Bell and British phone booths 
and that I sometimes softly rub 
newly yellow dandelions 
onto my chin 
and call myself another 
poem king of right now 


1 comment:

  1. and did the newly yellow dandelions rub against your chin, reveal what's in your heart?

    Where are the folk singers? I often wonder about that?