February 21, 2017

another episode of dead man walking :

Lazarus was an underwear salesman 
who never understood the moves away from silk 
the year was 2026 and the serial pandemics 
began to wane, we'd eventually explain 
to ourselves this was crowd sourced culling(s) 
ways we used to combat discomfort with truth ...

today I wore boxers outside of my pants 
and went to the bodega to buy a pack of cigarettes 
yes indeed, my money bought the same death 
as the day before, inhale exhale prevail regale 
the weed frenzy divinations parsed into absurdity 
the word is me, see the nose knows eyes want 
to understand how memory is created 
all I smell is the flesh falling calling to arm 
all the hope I have for remembering 
to carry dimes in my pocket 
for emergency phone calls 
and to always wear clean underwear 
inside or outside pants dared 
mothers will say 
you never know '
when need should arise 
to go to a hospital 
for care and bared 
they see you, carrying around 
the stinks, dead self sounds ...


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