January 1, 2017

inside a hero womb movie vignette-ification e motion machine : aka " ... put another nickel in ..."

it started when She remarked 
about how alive I looked 
trying to hurt reason 
while being yoked 
in the fiery embrace 
of where and when She is She ...

all the places 
that the words chase Us
into where We are wear 
and core palette souls 
painting the departed 
to get started with ... 

this is, She said 
what We get when  
there is music 
between Us 
to create by ... 

We journey hackneyed seed  
hocked knees We bleed, sky tree 
roots and sea 
mountain conifers climb clouds 
into rain and when languages began ... 

We were said to put words into rivers 
tiny singers, slivers in the seams   
We became couriers and knives 
the grasses, underbrush 
and broad leaves 
We all write poems 
in how We unfurl 
into warm memories 
with their arcs 
across Our lives ...

She looked at Me 
pressed Her finger 
to my lips 
and said, shh 
look how pretty 
things would be 
if We all lived  
for the ride ...

EJR  ©


  1. Excellent closing stanza. So very true, don't you think?

    1. like the smell of laundry after drying on the line on a warm Spring day ...

  2. Your words are really touching me and awakening my muse to play along. I love the ending..words of wisdom..sometimes the journey is about the ride not the destination.