December 18, 2016

dreaming of begging for laughter like change and milky warm southern tongues as they ride up river valleys from the seas

Winter is a tug-o-war in the river towns 
along the Hudson Valley these days 
though don't tell it to those in the foothills 
and mountains to West, North and East 
because even oddly warm 
Winter still resides draped 
over old pines there 
like memory stuck 
on comfort and familiarity ... 

like yellowed polaroids 
from my high school days 
in a shoe box I've kept 
all these years 
traveling seasonal 
surfer sanguine 
subliminally speaking to myself 
by way of poem 
mirror mirror nearer 
where no locks be ... 

Icarus and Antigone both had 
symphony fathers to be 
waiting by the sea 
waiting just to see 
but the end 
of their own poems  
and what it looked like 
it was going to be 
when it looked like 
they too were missing out 
on something like
another not so white Yuletide 
here for example with me 
in my Ilium city 
near where two rivers meet ... 


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