July 7, 2016

ribbon-ed and curled: a pirate treasure love song

painting by Jeanne Lorioz ©

had this lift 
in Her, a-soul 
and go poem 
a pure posterior

it was art that 
I didn't mind 
dying for 

a prize 
on a shelf 
to be taken 
with and by 
a repartee 
a word party  
a worship 
of one 
for right 
of way 
for Her, a-here 
and now if I may 


1 comment:

  1. That is some serious booty that girl's packin' up there!

    I love your poem. And I want to come to your/her word party too! That's the absolute best kind.

    I was joshin' with my daughter yesterday, telling her I was going to throw her only era/decade-parties from now on ... starting with the '80s.

    Then I started yammering on about how fun it''d be to have a straight-up cranberry party. C-berry-colored decorations, all kinds of cranberry juices and snacks, a cranberry pinata. Well, you get the idea. ;)