May 15, 2016

what wares are peddled down most old trodden lanes

inaccurate atmospheric 
conditions forecasts 
are caused by oscillatory patterns 
too large for humans 
to accurately quantify 
given the applicable limits 
of our ability scientific 

yeah yeah and Cheez wiz 
is the new body armor for the 
crusaders bringing Jesus to Mars ...

you can have them, flourish and nebbish 
my consciousness twins 
expressive and excessive  
spirits and bones

all that I really have 
to give 
and take 
while it rake-tooth(s) 
what it can out to die
is tender lances 
of my life in scribbles 
and whipsaw vignettes

ground control is an illusion worth letting go of 

egg chair 1970's hi-fidelity 
you saw the lean focus 
we spied which way 
we would hang 
if rain slipping 
in surreptitiously ...

oh give us broken 
for fixed, this 
seems dead too
a pulse 
see how we 
feel free 
crawl surrendered 
on motorways 
country exit 
strategy in
a little four speed 
enjoying certainty 
art and when seen 
by someone 
trying and succeeding 
on pleasing being pleased 

tear from me any form 
that seemed normal to you 
pickle tickle lick lull lilt 
and spill the cause ways 
frank lint and mint savvy 
umbrella agents 
try out 
the rest 
of the gear 

much like Laurel and Hardy slap sticky sweet at times we 
Polaroid a world needing slow breath painting 

buildings splashed with bricks 
bodies painted up against them 

in the moonlight 
behind the drive - in theater 
there is real butter 
and the popcorn keeps coming 
like candy roofs 
on cottages 
of rose-y cheeked 
Baba Yagas
at the edge 
of the forests 
 and woodlands ...

fable table banquet senses
archetype simple allowance
of breath
at a time
emit one
at a time
though two
can do
the same
word games by Edward
wearing just an apron
not now
but will be
 you'll see

and what wind and sea 
tongue and pageantry 
did it message 
for the bottle?

we doily didn't need weed 
but we spun didn't we 
did we spin, we did we did 
we did indeed 
clutch metered 
weigh past safe  
optimal efficient gain 
conscious awareness  
self cell origin ritual
maybe bread

skinny bear totem  

jellies are 
wax sealed
royal bees
seeing eyes

 bouquet games  
circus vaginas 
and the many ways 
you imagine 
your penis 
getting inside them ...

 hilt drive dagger lights 
anti crime sodium flicker replications 
of Victorian street-life 
now a teeming synthetic window 
machine tilt button push cloth 
prison stadium affair grown algorithm 
we use control to role 
and ruse production vs. profit 
modulation of war and peace 
and re-vision-ist historical record 
keeping when need be 
or bee 
or beets 
been seen 

where is my humanity 
hum-humming the top 40 
does culture go droning 
a gunned rolled oats mostly 
what bullets 
don't get 
viruses do 

the poems 
arrive future wet 
spun wilt strength 
bronze and iron age today 
in salt slow fire white noises

no, it's tribal 
and colloquial 
and city-centric
much like baseball 
is on my mind

 it is almost always 
on my mind 
the way I imagine 
soccer is in Italy 
or Spain or any place 
outside of Venezuela 
in South America 

in the tropics 
there are film strips 
in stamp shops 
that show how rinds 
are made into 
a sweet potent imbibe 
and telephone adultery 
easing the need 
for peasant revolt 

other conscript shuns
connotations or shown 
loyalties to the mob 
you must avoid  
or flee country 
of origin 

look to go 
where it 
rains a lot 
and it is full 
of I am not sure 
of anything right now(s) ...

make sure 
it's flowing mostly
a spanish moss 
tothe north 
side ofthe tree 
e.g. or it's a dove 
that knits sweaters 
betters the weather
and wheat whether 
you're better or not 
or on your own two feet 
betting a seat 
inside the court
with your soul 
on the temple 
stairs ... 



  1. Oh!!! wow!!! Man, this whole poem just got me right in my heart.

    I know I told you this before, but you are my favorite poet.

    I liked these lines a lot by you:

    the poems
    arrive future wet
    spun wilt strength
    bronze and iron age today
    in salt slow fire white noises

    Very surrealism and I also feel that you poems are beat poetry. Which I love so much and respect.

    Excellent writing my friend.

    P.S I got a new poem. if you get a chance or if your reading this comment please head over. :)

    1. Thank You and yes I will be a jalopy in future life, threaded tiny sewn right now(s), all action figured with after market clothing manufactured on the island of Lilliput ...