May 11, 2016

we watched old movies in the hay loft while the chickens slept

Barn Door, View From Within
Gary Heller ©

mea vitae 
peregrinum spiritus
lacertus manus
cum gallinis

strange upper hand 
human guile bands 
take to dancing 
with all my poems 
like birds taking 
to the old barns 

I sat tuffet-ed 
curd-ing afternoon 
churning a burning 
every arm learns 
a milk fed lassie 
scented with her work  
indeed turns me on 

fantasy, a needed  
tranquility chord-ed 
all the white keys you knew 
take just so much trafficked 
or fall asleep never 
remembering that one 
time you wrote down old poems 
left a notebook nearby 


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