May 21, 2016

I really wanted a chariot but I stole onto secret pedestals instead ............................................................... and like any good fool .................. I represented myself on trial

Reigen im Titanenhain
Michael Hutter ©

we are human beings mostly 
though suspected androids 
and other non-terrestrials 
are among us 
day to night 
in ritual haze time 
calendar sentry ready 
to become trees again 

my poem mood 
is piano grey 
minor note linger 
twined to within 
puff puff pass 
as chronicled : 

skate way 
sofa sofa to soap 
maybe once a week 
if I'm lucky 
'tis a terrible thing 
to fall inside yourself with no rope 
hope or other things to string 
and remind one's self 
you once kited dreams 
to pull down the sky 

who am I 
I couldn't say 
if I was asked 
point blank 
with my life 
on the line 
and in play 
I'd have to 
be ready 
to die today 
because I 
wouldn't know 
what to say : 

the tribunal was barricaded with beret wearing fae 
they chain smoked counterfeit american cigarettes 
while brandishing chinese kalashnikovs 
they read an article once 
on huey newton 
and the black panthers 
said the wee folk 
have been historically underpaid 
while painted as saviors 
of humanity's sometimes 
and that here at the end 
of human beings civilized pretense 
they would exert their rights 
to bare arm the scars 
and judge the giving 
of their lifetimes 
to our not much good 
done for the benefit 
of life in particular 

sentencing was 
an all the while 
and ever after wards
ringing around 
in ghost light 
of lost fantasies 
the fallacies 
of my being 
human belong  
they exclaimed 
in constant song 
and rendered posies 



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  2. my poem mood
    is piano grey
    minor note linger
    twined to within
    puff puff pass
    as chronicled :

    skate way
    sofa sofa to soap

    Damn! Man, this is one of my favorite poems by you. Hardcore and so creatively well done. :) Excellent writing my friend.

    P.S Got a new poem. You'll like the title...and don't forget to have a dictionary by you. This one will trip you out. :)