May 5, 2016

how dangerous a proposition .................................................. ......................................would an Arab Spring in America be?

from Paradise Lost
engraving by Gustave Doré

we are not as well versed 
as we are armed 
we are what bubbles beneath 
teeming mechanized 
time stolen humanity
we are more than spit ready 
to fight wars 
home and abroad
even ones
we don't know 
are coming or
we are already fighting ... 

we do seem incapable 
of the kind of magic 
that would peaceably 
ascend and spill 
over us in wondrous 
of serenity at once ...

this idea 
of understanding 
let alone love 
which has been plainly 
and evidently 
too often left 
could be 
what's at stake 
between us ...

and why must every Rome fall, 
does this adage have to test us all ...

scene setting is 
modern America 
a landscaped media 
with sound bite forests 
and white noise litter strewn 
all the regular folks 
are wearing flea collars 
as the world is 
excitedly watching 
and we are told :

this election is slippery sloped lowest common denominators 
a shit fest disguised as an elegant rendering of exercising civic 
rights in our constitutional republic guided by our constantly 
renewed and learned socially democratic principles ...

please read 'Meditations', by Marcus Aurelius 
see for yourself what the hold of a soul can be 
inside a central government's role 
full of responsible duty to each 
and every one of its peoples ...

might we rise above 
petty larcenies of judgement 
that rob us of appreciation 
for each other's motivations 
towards every life as 
a pursuit of happiness 
even East, West 
North or South
away from all 
these ideas 
we have
of an Eden ...

EJR © 


'Meditations' by Marcus Aurelius can be found here ...

1 comment:

  1. I love the idea of being "what-bubbles."

    Also that of
    let-alone love."

    Then there's the line that hides "scene setting guys/guise." And the one that follows, which tells us the ages of two people (because you let "2016" hang on its own line). So maybe the "setting guise guys" are 20 and 16.

    I could totally get down with a "mod-urn American." Rad-azz phraseology, my friend.

    "sound bite forests" ... Very cool. Totally going to live in one, in my next life.

    "as the world is" ... wor(l)d dis/dice; what if a person (or world) made all decisions (or just the big [or small] ones) based on how he/she rolled out the dice? Furthermore, what if he/she were the President?

    Love this: "see for yourself what the hold of a soul can be" ... Also this: "might we rise above / petty larcenies"

    I just realized how close "Eden" is to "heden" (he-den/hedon(ist)/he-don [as in, Don Juan de Marco]) ... and also to "head-in," "head-din," "he a din," ... then "Aladdin" wants to come out and play too ("he Aladdin"). Also "a lad in" (a child inside). And "a lead/led-in." Then there's the most obvious, Ed-in. Taken with the preceding, it becomes "oven Ed, in." That means you think you're pretty hot stuff, inside of everyone reading you.