April 9, 2016

you know landscapes well................#NaPoWriMo2016

U.S. National Park Service photo

i climb 
you vine 
you say 

bouquet strum-mi-n 
wear me a worn ripe 
a passed hat that 
you knew would catch 
my eyes on all fours...

I knew to trace 
my nose along your spine 
as you find my 
ghosts prefer to be 
on the floor 
lingering in silk  
at the bottom 
of the bed 

I lived in Arizona once 
just outside myself mostly 
Flagstaff-ing-lee drunk 
with a pre-raphaelit-ed
totem-uck-maker-rak-er soul 

the coal I carried 
was from the Appalachians
and meant for this desert cold 
and the snows, here at...
7500 ft in elevation...
nestled up a side 
of mt humphreys 
tar paper shack 
pot stove meager 
you visited me once 
left me your underpants 
said if I ever make it 
to New Orleans 
to remember 
the sound of honey bees 
and to wear beet pollen clothes

you told me
to always love 
things like 
the mouths 
of a desert night...

for they always hunger 
music, scratch belly reaches 
the stars are multi-dimension-al 
stages and beaches 
singing time tide and rain
and the torch lit memory 
you will keep 
of me here 
will show through  
to the places where 
you never knew 
I had stayed 
drawing circles 
inside you...

el amor el uno al otro 
 toda la noche  
 pequeña mesa
 de bosque petrificado

  hasta que vimos la luz del día
  aquí, al final del poema 
  paraste y convertido, dijo
" bésame por favor y haga la cuenta ! "


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