April 6, 2016

this is where being puck meets the poem road and known home wrecking accrued fabric weavers kept inside insidiously crept paced invocations....................................this is #NaPoWriMo2016 surreptitious seven-lee

Untitled #250 , 1992
Cindy Sherman ©

we are push carted off(s) 
we are bent peddled articulations 
(we are armed runner sensuous 
display hunted ignorance 
we have bliss to feed 
to feel our taboo-boos with 
         behind rubber 
              to low order 
    Venetian mask 

aging is verboten in this life 
sensual aging more so 
pubic hair 
the lair 
of dare you(s) 
faces down 
palms and knees 
begging crown womb society 

so instead we farm out tributary language 
drape cloth serenade parades 
moving to a street forest rhythm nude 
with under region hind sight 
in mist-slow-finish-gauze-light...

the skin and bones were tents meant to lure you in 
it's like practicing having sex with your imagination in the fog
and it is as if what a soul seeks in its Olympics 
is all the role arm and leg possible(s) 
we use posable dolls, ghost words 
letters we once had written 
and mathematics to turn the wheels
we cut expression(s) up, putting them back together 
poem by poem-piece by piece 
photograph and telephone  
look at me a dial tone once screamed 
I still want the same thighs you do 

eggs operator, for breakfast again 
yes and would you mind 
keeping the yolk whole 
'tis a heart 
that's part mine in there
and I want to run 
with scissors cow and spoon 
through its warm silk spill 
as we gather provisions 
in bucket buckled belled  
time in a cycled wax-wane 
Beltane's a coming children 
come give Momma a kiss 


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