April 27, 2016

the poetry of pane quindi questo : ...........................................................................#NaPoWriMo2016

image found on Pinterest photographer unattributed

(riffing in head to toe 
lingering ritual peruses
underbelly nether regions 
are spilling eye full after 
eye full of the way 
you wear my poems)
let me say it is
nice to meet you and
your mother may eyes 
i'd like to mete you and
i'm jester and
will you come 
will you feed me 

 to thrash 
flesh then flash 
fish wishes from eye lashes 
and with scratches you leave behind 
separating wheat from chaff 
what bread in hearth doth rise 
 am I
and kneading 
the grind 

we pull mad and eagerly 
at the warm and toasty 
clutch covet broken pieces 
of this moment consuming us 

we're still steaming melt sheen 
butter spilling onto 
the rustic kitchen floor
with its wide planks 
scattered beneath us 

a diffused light 
of summer afternoon 
lives on the other side 
of the sheer curtained life 

we could get back 
if we wanted 
to be in form 
as opposed 
to being eaten 
with words 
and each other 



  1. My word, you DID find the perfect image!

    This is so hot. Especially these yummy bits:

    "underbelly nether regions are spilling eye full after eye full of the way you wear my poems"

    "fish wishes from eye lashes and with scratches you leave behind"

    "what bread in hearth doth rise am I heeding and kneading the grind"

    "we pull mad and eagerly at the warm and toasty clutch covet broken pieces of this moment consuming us

    we're still steaming melt sheen butter spilling"

    "eaten with words and each other"

    Yeah, so all of it. ~Very sexy.