April 25, 2016

the confession...............................................#NaPoWriMo2016

photo by Karla Read ©
* http://www.karlaread.com/

remember when 
you told me everything 
with just one eye open 
while the rest of you 
arrested me unexpectedly 
tracing my fingers 
over your blind spot 

and by swan dive time 
all thoughts of insurrection 
are the locked up 
divinity inside me 

and this sacred place 
where I made my bed 
is evening to my head 
and morning to my heart 

I am covered 
in continual stardust 
now always on the edge 
suddenly just realizing  
how long I have been 
wearing this scent 
bearing torches, bent  
all for you 
all for you 
my dear 


1 comment:

  1. "remember when
    you told me everything" ... How could I ever forget?

    "while the rest of you
    arrested me unexpectedly
    tracing my fingers
    over your blind spot" ... That is hella sexy, Mister.

    "all thoughts of insurrection
    are the locked up
    divinity inside me" ... Have you eaten divinity? That word is always candy first to me. So I'm picturing your insides as gooey-warm white melt-in-my-mouth home-made candy. With nuts, if you like it that way.

    "and this sacred place
    where I made my bed
    is evening to my head
    and morning to my heart" ... This is gorgeous as-is, but I also love all the hidden meanings. Sac/red plays. Where I made my bed (as in, a bed of suffering you're having to lie in). Eve/ning ... even/ing to my head (both kinds) ... also heed. Also he'd. Then "morning" doubles as "mourning."

    I am covered = I am covert

    "now always on the edge" ... multiple meanings here as well

    The last six lines melt me ... well, all of it. But you know, the ending has that personal "you" that makes every girl think it's her and turn into a thumping bunny over you and your love-sexy words.