April 23, 2016

odd-timing smiles between aperture and awning ................................................................................#NaPoWriMo2016

I say I don't care to gather lilacs this year 
they will gather me, happily in burn barrel tactics 

this poem is gallantly astride a white steed 
the compact mirror was used to steal words 
it is a signal for ants 
to use against hopper gangs 
as they are locked in eternal mortal combat 
a prey and pray tremble waltz-ing 
that was just singing at first 
but all of Hades realizes 
in their fight 
when it is Spring 
and when they're dreaming ... 

the seed birds were carrying on 
about the end of carrion days 
halcyon holdovers old style 
pushcart peddler post offices 
tucked inside temple tall tile 
and stone structures 

life as we know it now 
is click bait and waiting in line 
and most folks can't figure it out ...
the what(s) they would want 
to wait forever for 
we think only we could know 
where a line starts but clearly 
we can't figure this corinthian 
defensive measure 
perhaps troy always 
knew the value 
of guarding 

they give me a dirty look sideways 
while I am at the passport window 
on the very far end 
of where the line began
but here they keep a-coming
a-shuffling against flow 
like some slow ambled 
dimwitted salmon Sisyphus 
broken fisted going up 
the wrong side 
of life insisting 
they are right ... 

I snicker and laugh out loud, 
saying I wonder if their humanity and heart 
has always been bitten 
by the importance 
of being stupid too bug ...  

and by the way, 
your bloodless lack of soul 
is showing, how is it you pane litanies 
as if Rembrandt and DaVinci stole as well 
as drank into material maternal madness 

here is at the origins of what gives you the creeps 
an inside flaying of the you, fear begins to hurl handfuls of ... 
beauty is birthed 
in the reeds 
with little fanfare 
some grabbed quick earths 
and scoop and runs 
stuff pocket 
services and 
steal away(s) 

winged ones swoop peck 
and devour the enemies 
of flight 
wear the crest 
of icarus 

those not willing to bridge their differences 
in order to cross the other side together 
through danger must die 
at the hands of another's fate ... 

Persephone is not a fan of free rides 
as the hoppers know all too well ... 
she has them holding bells in hell 
for the eternally damned 
while they rub their legs 
concerto after concerto 
in buzz lilt and dive 
for the hiss of rain 
turned steam, angry 
at being caught down here ... 

and as for ants once again ...
they are Hypatia stones, stuck storied stilled 
stoic stored courage bearing(s) 
direct text messages past mauling mob rule 
and a softly hammered brutality 
these hells are all capitulate chaos, mania and dis/order/ 
and documented inside covalent bonds 
ants know more electrons will hug an oxygen nucleus, 
so they antennae the electromagnetic difference 
between pooling minuses and the hydrogen atoms ... 

archetypes and myths know 
offshore accounting worked for good 
can make a difference 
when re-telling prognostications 
made during the annual ritual 
calling of the royal house worms 
with the trees in reach and blooming ...


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