April 5, 2016

..............................................................................................................#NaPoWriMo another fiver favor favor dish

'nude on a bed'
by bobnery-d5lxcpk ©

naughty intricacies: your bramble dyes...

wear us for art 
can we catch 
all the pieces that fall 
between us 
can we play them 
can we read them 
as future tenants 
can we love them all 

you knew I knew 
what batter was 
thick-y stick-y fingers 
stolen into jars 
and those smudges of wet clay 
on your cheeks as you wiped away 
the sweat and said please get me something to drink
and when doing sew-you have to know 
to bring yourself back here for me to eat 

I feel your lion-ess quickening(s) 
to erratics daring the trees 
to come across the glen 
and to place Autumn 
at their feet, a sash 
of color and dashing or derring-do
you just smile and eat anyway(s) 
because that is what you do 
until bones beg to be flowers again 
sun licked after the rain 

you said there is a certainty of jazz 
in the background of your mind 
seems high hat and kick drum 
is an art form an arm fort 
leg wild when chomping nibble bits 
I pretend there is whole vats of 
you letting me think you're sleeping 
as I sit bare ass-ed in your chair 
at your desk ass-u-age
floating my hands 
just above your keys 
Underwood number five 
hear again I plead 
poem to come 
come to poem 

and just then 
I realize I am 
another seedy want 
as I see 
crocus crawling 
poking up the loam 
outside your window
a ladder lattice 
and finger-lingam tryst
kit to cat and come right quick 
singing kiss me kiss me 
until I'm bent, burning  
over all your candlesticks...



*much thanks to Mama Zen and her latest blog entry found here  http://mamaneedsshoes.blogspot.com/ for the tasty inspiration...with a scythe nod to a beguiling Eva Saint Marie


oh for the love of the marks hot wax leaves behind: 

I said bag of bomb weed to lawyer 
spellcheck read it as I said vagabond need voyeur 
pretty fucking smart spell check 


  1. Man, I love this. Gorgeous flow.

    1. Well your piece made it easy to luxuriate myself in said flow...you painted a landscape I just wanted to jump into and play inside of...much appreciation and gratitude for saying such...

  2. I don't know whether to be most impressed by the word play, imagery, tone, stream of consciousness, eroticism or the PS.

    Not a poem to benefit from my commentary, so suffice it to say, I have been astounded into silence.

  3. It did and does benefit from comment...thank you very much... : ^ )

  4. Luxurious flow my friend... you make me need a cool shower..

    1. I went with the frozen bags of peas in strategic areas...thanks...

  5. Replies
    1. Thank You, this piece was an easy write once I ran into Mama Zen's evocation...and I have to say again how much fun I had reading your piece...juxtaposition of dirge to the lilting rhythm was as if the reader was placed in a toe-to-ball-walking on their feet dance of praise for someone like Persephone and she had two birth days and was a Scorpio or Sagittarius too...and this was the celebration being thrown by all the consorts of the underworld with invites from arcana divine to nefarious vine/ even Demeter and the fae who were having fun were ready to stay and play with feast and her daughter at least until Yule...

  6. What a carefully posed photo!! The poem is complex – or maybe I mean detailed; also it sizzles. I particularly like 'until bones beg to be flowers again' and 'a certainty of jazz / in the background of your mind'.

    1. Thank You...though when Spring things sing a certain way...words, like onion grass, escape...

  7. Some very amazing verbiage here. Especially "until bones beg to be flowers again"........

  8. very sensual for sure. thanks. k.

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  10. luxurious and luscious, really ~

  11. Well, this is lovely from start to finish. Play that piano, play it! Or is that a typewriter? Just play the thing. :)

    1. That's a good prompt...I have this sound now upright and out of tune soon the call June states get the singing bowsprit to rake the sky with blooms...like it thank you...

  12. Underwood number 5 - I love the idea of plunking out these words after (and before (again :) you've made love. Sensual and romantic.