April 10, 2016

in the crawl of a lullaby..........#NaPoWriMo2016


braving bright seas again 
with mirror mirror game 
old man, young woman 
sepulcher and nursery 

the cold spell continues 
though slag April 
through mantra climbs 
times the loops 
up over high 
tilt slate roofs 

across the street 
is any place 
I have never 
quite felt at home 
in my own skin 
while there 

postage stamp 
front patch lawns 
are bones, ready 
for wheel turning 
flowers again 

seed birds romp 
joyously trembling 
at this spill 
of Spring 
just beginning 
they are jacks 
watching jills 
tumble down hills  
and what poems 
have thrown 
in throes 
slough roe 
after tended row 

will you be 
wearing me and 
what my perspective 
is reflecting 
and wind ward 
ed-ly etched 
fingers to oar 
tracing waters 
kissing into 
the skin 
and meniscus 
just below me

wake taste-d 
slaked raked baked shaken taken 
to one and leaving the others 
can you hear scent here 
a cling-mist happy 
to know poem parlance 
happenstance-d per chances taken 
to being eloquent 
on an elevator to escalator 
evaluate-or working wonk 
to wink-ed glass house greens 
who wants to see my thumbs 
put to better use 

you had read me before  
the entry forms were 
filled out satisfactorily

I field unsafe thoughts 
carrying them arrayed 
wherever I go 
my own display 
of magnetic-sphere 
particulate repulsion-s 
and a-ttractions 

the tact is 
incision sacred 
sharp leads 
and how soft 
I want eyes to be 
receiving me 
bleeding words 
that say maybe 
some day I could love 
even you, poet...


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