April 25, 2016

I found an ancient manual of seduction .....................................................................#NaPoWriMo2016

it read : 
a Pinot Noir to Pouilly-Fuissé 
snake-oiling poppet 
to fluff pillow puppetry 

seems to be 
a first generation 
hand held gaming device 
of some kind 

there is 
a red shift philosophy button
red wit red clay red wine too
and bluing simple cuts
un-intentions bled out 
bleeding out mentions 
the warm bath 
went white noise 
and stanza to stanza ...

it started 
a clear motive 
for poem to work 
and in this case 
I said, motivated 
by fantasies of sex 
and the pursuance 
thereof ... 

drift manage 
take a breath 
find a corner 
sleep in 
count the times 
noon and after 
was the morning 
keep moving 
manage drift ...

kite pattern-ing each lazy happenstance 
having a plan to get lost in then dance 
your life is embroidery ring needle pricked 
you get to time counting calendar clocks ticked ...

here is poet 
drunk with verse 
dry erase markers
and an empty board
feeling ways 
word divinity 
and debauchery 
pull strings 
rub the belly 
of the rest 
of the poem ...

so I follow the swallow 
from san capistrano and into a 
rhyme scheme in 8 bit old school 
quarter arcade video game music :


the parting of sorrows by glass 
past to present future stained last 
does poem steal me, do I steal it 
lashings and dashing(s), dare sill sit 

window of painted wood, shutters too 
weather terrible to warm through 
slow tide by design liquid state 
observation digest and sate 

left fallow love does linger stink 
and cute toes doesn't clean the sink 
dishes and wishes left piled high 
because wine can taste of goodbye 

hello too in and under things 
spied herb boxes loam-ist earthlings 
looming maypole and the sweater 
hoping my rhymes are what get her 

a chardonnay from Burgundy
is mineral tall grass sunny 
I prepared some tapas as well 
just in case hunger turned to bell 

here, your side I be, for noticed 
throwing caution to wolves not blessed 
you said look, my tree and that Moon 
there's a song wading, calling June 


and all
I wonder is 
if this shit really works 
which of her laughter(s) 
meant yes 
or do I 
have to hit 
the reset ...


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  1. I'm especially drawn to the last few stanzas.