March 9, 2016

I did what I thought compels the Sun to as well

what causes a smile 
in the dark 
to rise again  
is it repeatable almost(s)... 

mighty gravity 
and orbital masses 
celebrating themselves 
as if being celestial-ity 
were something more 
than observable points 
and map-able references...

to orienteer 
the nearby(s)
I surrendered my humanity 
to be part 
of the land, 
seas and sky...

my knees bent 
down mud covered, seeking 
a personal religion 
a free formed fetal position-ed craned neck 
getting fervent 
early elliptical 
starts to 
my routine...

I wanted to know why 
there were vesper empty 
seed bird songs 
why some grocery bags 
never fill...

a warm scratch fever pervades 
bubble and spit ambulatory modern humankind 
here in the northeast of America 
we are March pre ide 
November tannin floor relief ghost structured 
ritualized by afterglow seep and dank give away(s) 
like daylight through an odd warm leafless reach 
into evening and those paying attention... 

the poem always wants to go
where my fingers used to be 
where it knew the scents
bouquet calling 
lips, tongue, torso, 
arms and legs too 
where it memorized how 
the mad math 
made me feel 
when I was 
lying back where 
words used to be...


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