March 24, 2016

a rest assured poem-world being an evil place if I look at it that way

This is my good friend John, who has since passed.
He was a life long Tigers fan and
with me, at Fenway some decade or so ago.

recanting one's life is never an easy task 
sometimes i'd rather die or fade unseen 
than have someone keep tearing at me
eating these little pieces 
satisfying their righteous anger 

so today dear 
this is  
poem heart 
of the matter 

sew we loved 
once, twice, thrice even
bore wonderful fruit as well 
but now this is what grows 
barbs, calculations, bargains 
and what of ourselves  
we are willing 
to live with while 
walking away 

yes i have 
forgot a lot 
like holiday seasons and 
when we once said hello 

hell i am not even trying 
to remember this, 
is probably how 
we are saying 
goodbye as well


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