February 2, 2016

the torque crazed trojan horse gravity of human bones...

the torque crazed trojan horse gravity of human bones  

I believe I have been
mostly, part of the rain
sometimes, hidden 
in the cycle of grasses too...

while this life is 
mostly, of a poet 
molded clay wean river
wanting down 
from the sky 
mountains in shale reaches
just like life is when
turning toward the Sun 
I have also been 
warm Spring onions 
kelp swaying insistent 
inside the rest of those  
thin verdant fingers 
harvesting heat from dying 
roots once composed 
of reaching through maybe(s)...

are souls exposing vulnerable(s) 
in need of bones
in order to wear scent 
skin and flesh, though firstly
very furtively, within the throes 
of Winter readying its own end...


groundhog shadows
and light merchant opportunists 
are perched on the escarpments 
on the high side of the Hudson, too... 

Brigid knows to begin the tide
with her knowledge of scent
tells us to start to eat through 
the last of Winter’s decay...

poems here, show up unseen 
no wholes wholly hold 
each piece of us
put back together 
by our soul's desire 
for what eggs mean...


in a Spring time, ago
Humpty Dumpty told me...

"that come soon 
Beltane Maypole 
twining(s) bale, is silk 
and boon to bane weather
a founders' causeway fire
that knows hearts kneading hope
are dangerous things 
left unattended with time  
they ghost the eons 
stick to the wind 
carving ring after ring
mostly trees remember 
to pay respect...

reminds me though 
once, I attended 
Persephone's annual
it was a complete wedding reprisal
dancing blacksmiths
an alchemist and witch
drawing circle after circle
of forged mechanical claims
they repeated names upon 
each destiny, the bones 
they threw in articulation, said 
they had already
given Lilith and 
her mighty womb..."



  1. I love the image of the swaying kelp.. Wish I could be that sometimes.

    1. Thank You for saying so and yeah me too, there is a mesmerizing grace to their movements...something akin to when I stared at those early apple2E, fractal screen savers...

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  2. I was completely entranced by this poem. Well penned!!

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    1. And it led to another, so thank you for saying such and your wielding a deft touch of the universe according to you...

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  4. A seemingly dark poem but the warmth of spring onions suggests other! Very striking images.

    1. Astutely seen...lucky to witness four seasons(most times) to me there is an enveloped darkness just as Spring is readying its entrances...thank you

  5. I like the direction you took with this prompt!

  6. Light and dark are found here. There is a grace to your poem that is lovely.

    1. Thank you for saying such!...sometimes luck wears the music...

  7. Wow. This spill of words pleases me to the center of my poetic soul.

    "wanting down
    from the sky"

    ...is my favorite.

    1. Thank You, I like to imagine being threaded to the cycle of water here on Earth...

  8. "I have also been
    warm Spring onions
    kelp swaying" Oh what a striking thought.

    1. Gratitude...! I'm a crow seeking shiny things I suppose : ^ )...

  9. I feel you pulled from eons past, and showed us a glimpse of your previous incarnations...so diverse, from swaying kelp to poet. I so enjoyed this!

    1. Thank You for saying so...much appreciated...an easy flowing kind of music that seemed to mostly write itself...perhaps it was merely a keen prompt, vetted to those moments when we are letting go of form in order to try and get ourselves to feel something beneath wanting to know who, what and where, we are, most times...

  10. the smell of spring onions, swaying kelp...like music of nature. The first stanza just rocked me to the core...incredible.

  11. There are a lot of favourites of mine in the piece - but I like the beginning most.

    "I believe I have been
    mostly, part of the rain
    sometimes, hidden
    in the cycle of grasses too"

    Thanks for joining my prompt - I am genuinely sorry for being so late in my visit to you.

  12. Birth of water whole
    from start of Ocean
    womb.. sailor's
    deliGht oF
    what we
    never sinkIng
    crawling out..
    be the
    whole again..:)