February 29, 2016

the role of play

photo by Linus Andersson © via Flickr

she was dressed as a sailor 
and said let's go daddy 
and I came in my pants, 
so I gave her cab fair 
and a hundred dollars 
with a coupon for red lobster...

told her, as she left 
a woman dressed as you 
at the bar, alone with a tall 
near neon colored drink 
will do just fine 
you may even get 
an encore...


1 comment:

  1. I love that old lady. She is adorable. :)

    You are cracking me up today.
    But at the same time, there's something so serious here. She's replaceable. Easily, someone else can be slid into her spot. No girl/woman/granny-in-cute-blue-panties should ever think she's "the one." Because there's no such thing. Her only hope is to say no to every sailor, steal his costume, and tease her little heart out until she dies. Better yet, cut her heart out, feed it to them, and die prematurely.