February 9, 2016

acme toy company

acme toy company

so what if christianity and its ilk 
are another cult of power 
the light bringers said would be sown 
throughout our histories...

to live here, one must be 
a cyclical repeat offending artist thief...

irony in the lsd 
we know what 
our current world 
is all about

holding back knowledge  
tremendous disparity in wealth 
certifiable realities, licenses to kill
all the money has 
some blood on it 
and there isn't much 
we're ably able to do 
until these lemming 
and wildebeest sledgehammer 
safe and secure destiny kicks 
run their courses 
and of course they do 
usually when 
satire is needed 
to see the way...

we become toys 
mostly, one use 
disposable paper persona 

yes, momentum might be
what our mass is, times velocity 
but a generosity of spirit 
can only lift our bones 
so many times 
from this cartoon 
factory floor 

once bitten 
need more 


this is me, limiting expression 
by putting too many words in this poem 
this is me limiting expression 
by putting too many words in this poem


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