January 20, 2016

the shining thrones court of the seelie and unseelie

the shining thrones court of the seelie and unseelie

said the herald as we stood in the doorway, 

"put song on the wind and in every open window 
seed their dreams with chance glimpsed aware"

"...all the leaves on any hate tree
seem never steady in turn
and bleeding-ly, never have thee
been so damn ready to burn..."

wee folks know 
upon entering 
chambers and rituals 
you are to sow observation
to your calendar's wheel...
(mankind is distracted 
it plays emotional adhesion(s) 
as opportunities and relatable assets)
wee folks celebrate 
birth and veneration 
with songs that state 
clearly human bones 
R not real art 
or any fate
until the ash and rain 
tell the tales 
of each soul's quest 
from its death
to a home again...


1 comment:

  1. I hate what we do to the wee ones in teaching them to conform, sit still, and stand in lines.

    My fave is the part about the hate tree and being ready to burn. Great stuff, man.