January 21, 2016

perchance and a pocket full of coin

from Diana Slip & Co
circa 1930's postcards/catalogue

perchance and a pocket full of coin

some of life is a simple act...
good standing one night 
falling down, the next 
when wings, we do lack

love, at first, seemed a simple act 
in fact, I have spent most 
of my lives getting used
to its myriad complications 
and combustible flash-points

bring thee rain, I have gain to spend...

mortality is a thirsty well 
and it has crossed off wanting 
with eternal impasse, 
and an empath's task
though sometimes, there is 
a here at last 
a way to cash in
what dreams weigh...

I'm still breathing
and mouthing the names 
that came along in song 
for thee what(s) and why(s) 
meant assuredly to surprise 
me, with what might be
a you and I, calling fast 
in a clutched cotton 
fingered grasp
for more desire, time 
and another simple act or two 
bells too, some donation, elation 
or otherwise, exhaled 
into sleeping, then waking 
still curled next to you, 
when morning comes round...


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