January 1, 2016

don't rue a lull as allure

don't rue a lull as allure 

follow the drunken neon 
want some after midnight...

thin meniscus 
proboscis discus 
saw the push button 
by which I mean  
surreal disdain, plainly obvious train teetering 
I say off the rails, implies many things 
stooge stagecraft stealthy hero masks, 
I'll act wise, hone the not so apparent(s), know 
the pulled off fucked up vibe leaning(s)... 

crawl shards words
fall speaking 
slowing down 
the bit, lonely 
intoxicated and aroused 
going robot hooker...

peel worth corpuscle-d desire 
arcane weaving(s), wandering(s)
pop culture to classics derived 
pop culture pearl garden alleyways 
coal, rust 
sprung rain each 
pollution's tiny knife...

every aware 
and perspective, 
wanting to be a tongue, 
wanting to learn more ways 
to make things bleed unnoticed...

poem and I 
are writing here...

slice life thin see through...

here diverges...
Mediterranean features, 
wide hips, sauce 
with deft touch 
throttle devil-may-care, 
I go for the four hand model...
wade careen(s) and caresses...
machined guesses 
raw material gone fishing(s)...

she's robot knife 
thin meniscus proboscis discus... 
hurling hurtling wobble assured
a vendor pimped touch screen 
an interface payment plan 
each pleasure priced accordingly varied 
options, levels of duration and speed and location...

I choose to download every poem I ever wrote 
have her read them back to me, close proximity 
read her lips
while watching 
an old movie...

I include the notes and rests, 
an open world, with adaptable
on a stage, nose 
skin tremble(s) 
and anticipation(s) 
all held near surrender...

I become declaration 
poem want 
scent decay seed 
slip improvisation ellipses...
I wear tailored never-enders 
lend myself to mending and learning...
I go, to a memory-worn tonight, 
anywhere her eyes, 
arms and growing reflection 
of my fantasy can take me...



  1. I really like this:
    "want some after midnight knife"

    "going robot hooker" Ha.

    An easy favorite:
    "wanting to learn more ways
    to make things bleed unnoticed"

    "a vendor pimped touch screen" It gets sort of sad here, as now I'm seeing that this is probably about pornography, the loneliness. Have you seen a movie called Her? It's not good, kind of boring actually. But a great concept. It's about a man who "falls in love" (whatever that nonsense means) with his computer operating system. So, that kind of plays into my thinking about this poem. But certainly as it progresses, you make it clear that it's literally physical (until the very end) ... in person ... or maybe your fantasy is just so real that you almost believe it's truth. Or maybe this is about that stupid Ashley Madison scandal.

    I LOVE this stanza:
    "I choose to download every poem I ever wrote
    have her read them back to me, close proximity
    read her lips
    while watching
    an old movie." ... I'd love to be that girl for a poet (even if completely platonic; that would just be pure magic).

    I totally misread this, inserting an extra "o" with my eyes:
    "an open world, with adaptable
    on a stage, no[o]se
    skin tremble(s)"

    Another favorite section:
    "I become declaration
    poem want
    scent decay seed
    slip improvisation ellipses"

    Check out this gorgeousness:

    What a beautiful ending:
    "anywhere her eyes,
    arms and growing reflection
    ... can take me"

    "growing reflection" ... Very clever double meaning.

  2. It just struck me that this could mean two opposite things: "close proximity"

    This time around, I think the "she" is your fantasy itself. Not a particular fantasy, just the entirety of your imagination, the source of your poems, etc. Yes, of course she should be your lover. That is actually really sexy. I love this interpretation.