January 29, 2016

a street level information-al-ist rhapsody...

'The Gift'
Painting: Oil on wood panel, 2014
by Michael Hutter ©

a street level information-al-ist rhapsody 

(there were aural rivulets 
unfamiliar graffiti, beautiful 
but near similar sounds, 
happenstance, clock 
and calendar make 
while eating)

she insisted on fashioning her own undergarments 
with a certain application of skill, seams on it were meant 
to represent who had been here, that knew what and when 
so quietly you, those are my questions, until then
why, will only be her slippery mistress 
something we'll have to leave, unquestioned 
of all its motivation(s) as well as dress
until there might be sufficient time 
to enjoy the profanely sacred process...

by the way 
stomach said 
to heart today
what wine 
are we having 
with lunch...?


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