November 4, 2015

the alchemy of gunpowder skin while wading mistress wind...

photograph by Joel-Peter Witkin
'AnnaAkhmatova',1998 ©

the alchemy of gunpowder skin while wading mistress wind

stand or swim 
sink or fly 
immerse averse 
versions dyed 
what have you 
pocket me 
for pleasing 
or squeezing 
is it my scent 
or time you seek

who cares 
is flavor too, 
soul sow seeds 
pieced of you/ 
there across broken into 
and abandoned houses 
where a manufactured neighborhood once stood 

you came for yesterday's
slow crawled insides 
and little view-master futures 
meaning only to leave 
this place in ash 
while walking away
and not looking back...

you say constantly
 to cash in 
chips and needs 
breath and bleeds 
how fond we should be 
of the wind 
corner to corner 
drawn to quarters
no direction without sin 
here, where one 
never minds
or notices how 
or where she carves 
the erode between 
escape and staying thin 
bones and flesh 
to banal thoughts 
of why rivers are
the vena cava of rain
taking able bodied words 
and demands 
to wish 
for something 
besides articulation 
and wanting to be 
on fire with something 
not quite meant 
to be figured out, something 
more mad than not, something 
like the hiss and spit 
of a stove top pot 
full of potatoes, 
carrots and beets 
we like for eats 
when weather turns cold...



  1. Once again, I love your work.

    These are my favorites:

    the title

    "pocket me
    for pleasing
    or squeezing
    is it my scent
    or time you seek"

    "you came for yesterday's
    slow crawled insides"

    "meaning only to leave
    this place in ash
    while walking away
    and not looking back"

    "here, where one
    never minds
    or notices how
    or where she carves"

    "and demands
    to wish
    for something
    besides articulation
    and wanting to be
    on fire"

    Keep 'em comin'. :)

    1. Thank You... :)