November 17, 2015

fantasy land baba yaga routine...

fantasy land baba yaga routine

this place is full of why why not why yes why do we 
want to know why do we care why, do we care why okay 
let's get on with it, why the provider, why the fuel the 
burn inside shadow leather wings claws perhaps we 
have always feared the left hand path the underbelly 
sort of outcome entropy entrails pray to the Sun we've 
brought enough quarters for the mission bell and 
smiled parades of exit wounds...

I burn with a ridicule to not feel  
I use my intelligence to thirst 
knowledge as a shield, peel and eat 
shit shingled shall I ain't always to be 
made a-covering my bad...

foul is, I find out 
any particular malady 
of wearing nice clothes 
in a masked apathy 
those clothes 
I left out 
while I slept 
most likely 
drunk and stoned...

a song haunting 
with familiars or not 
is often a part of our bouquet 
our certainty smells 
our spells, our will 
what we stamp stirred 
to beckoning, quickened and pulsed
our blur press finger stone philosophy 
what we remember when 
we realize, again
the nose is king 
and the eyes are entertaining 
the fantasy, our readying of the fool...

the heart 
is our instrument 
the body our house 
rituals and melodies 
tonal, tied or otherwise 
those pieces of our soul 
found, fallen and flown 
that are mostly rhythm 
our tided tolled told 
our scents that hold
our every coming in 
low crawl 
to rain...

the pain 
Buddha said 
life would always 
be full of...


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