October 3, 2015

the fool is often a paralyzed trigger...

the fool is often a paralyzed trigger 
queen of spades 
empress underbelly 
has me under her
libraries of eyes 
she dares me 
to try and know 
what she lives 
to let go 
and retrieve 
in the tides 
time, wind 
and rain 
what ghosts 
go round 
seeking bones 
and found soul...
the deciding factor is 
the fact that there is 
no deciding factor, 
other than my free will/ 
damned am thee looking 
for a spiritual after life 
when thirsty beneath 
is there for the taking 
a thought's 
pierce light 
is intentional 
shadow play
and exit wound
oh, for the broom 
and the bullet 
this life 
it seems 
is meant 
to be a game 
of give and keep...


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