August 6, 2015

Mediterranean(ly) dreaming...

Thomas Cole, 'Prometheus Bound'

Mediterranean(ly) dreaming (inspired by a Ted Hughes poem)

the grapes are stressed
the wine will be sweet 
with careful pruning

all life begins 
as a poem
of will and desire 
undercarriage crawling 
beneath the boughs...



a deep Summer processional 
in the confessions of Antigone
as told from Prometheus' perspective...

he of a lovely liver on a crag 
he could drink away the night 
he said, as long as he stayed 
impaled and preyed to the light 



"...remember every death, 
even that of a star, 
will leave a ghost mostly, 
an echo that will reach, 
a finger vine fleeting sense 
of permanence, 
remember rapacious hunger 
fills passing shells and bones 
with the hard parts of memory 
pain and pleasure 
serving eons in the rain..."

" will repeatedly seek limbs 
to partially glimpse your eternities, 
each of your observations 
is a moving theater 
of light and the void, 
very comfortable 
offstage, waiting 
direction and intention 
in the dark..."



we are a clawed 
and curved beak ready 
willing for you 
again to accept 
center stage 
and the Dawn...


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