August 20, 2015

admonition versus premonition...

French postcard labelled JA SERIE 589.
'Eve being tempted to eat the forbidden fruit.'
by Jean Agélou circa 1910's

admonition versus premonition 

(have a sense of silly and pleasure handy
this incarnation is too short and often doesn't 
have the scent of roses,  for Eve was never weak 
she was merely second to Lilith)

there is no one thing
that can bring 
the destructive tenacity 
and desperate means 
of dressing up love as I can 
when I want many times over 
the temporal splendors of you...

sate and fate went walking 
hand in hand and said sate to fate 
lets fuck beneath the bandstand 
I'll grandstand with pretense 
and you my darling will unmask 
all my clocks with potions...

you can pretend to ask 
if rain always wants back 
to the ocean or the clouded sky 
and every time 
you or I are hearing 
the snare and timpani drums 
we can toy with this notion 
that devotion is supposed 
to outlast the moment we're in...


1 comment:

  1. These are great lines:
    "and you my darling will unmask
    all my clocks with potions"