July 11, 2015

the shotgun phone booth calling card...

'Still Life of a Dead Hare, Partridges, and Other Birds in a Niche'
Jan Weenix, circa 1675

the shotgun phone booth calling card

reach poet reach 
run steadfast leaning 
into deft pause, run 
rabbit ears up 
on the dew

each and every 
soul has a language 
a penchant guttural mark 
and salvation tool

time spent gathering provisional sacred(s)
early warning systems, built-ins, sign posts 
hitches, bound things, found things 
declarations and lost fingers...digit eyes 

I said, "what was that...?" 

you said, "I only heard you..."

"semantics", I muttered 

beneath my breath
there are many poems 
B-movies wading yesterday's afterglow 

"shh...", I said, 

"...I am hunting your soft fur,
perhaps even lace 
and a nub legged 
smooth-rounded, memento 
to remember you by..."


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