July 1, 2015

the finger lakes, monsters and I...

'Sunset on Geneva on the Lake',
by Karen Monroe and Doug Gehlsen ©
found at middleburgphotography dot com

the finger lakes, monsters and I

we took chances 
to break chains 
where motion 
explains things 
to us

we dragged the gang down 
to the shoreline 
to skip stones 
and break bottles 
in the cover 
of a quiet cove

these old glacial tongues 
where rain has rung 
an imperceptibly sharp bell 
leaving seasons 
and the wear 
of rocks to tell 
the stories here

the lapping waves 
and dancing shadows 
of a hastily lit fire 
of paper and quickly gathered kindling
played a thrust, parry 
and almost there game
we needed to see 
there must be 
bigger driftwood to find 
before time said no more
light stretched 
into a gloaming beg 
of more stars 
starting to poke holes 
in the blue black fuzzy velvet cloth 
of the night sky 

we were laughing 
and singing songs 
the wind makes when
the Moon wobbles 
its massed gravity pulls
tiny splashes 
the cold dark water 
gives us verse 
after verse 
and we only have to 
pick up the cues 
and chorus along 
flicker, flicker 
tide and gone

"...we are everywhere 
and no where 
and places between 
what is expected 
and what is unseen..." 

sometimes, we'd 
attach ourselves 
to stealthy saboteurs 
souls who were 
ritual angels once 
we thought like us
when hope still bled 
thus, keeping time lost 
becomes a scary nameless place
and we have needs to know 
what we must do too 
where we can be toothed
with pockets full of once ago

seeds, wishes and trees 
seeking rain pooled somewhere 
near a here that might be heaven 
or at least not too far from where 
the light can still grow 
inside monsters and I 
seeking a good time at night


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